What is going to happen if somebody steals my bicycle and tears down the stamp?

You will immediately report it to the police. In that case, the owners of the stolen property often have problems with describing the property and remembering the details crucial to the identification of the property. Also, they usually do not have a picture of the bicycle. But you are never going to have problems like these with Protect6. All the information, together with a picture of your bicycle, are saved in the system and you can immediately show it to the police. By doing this, the chances of you getting your property back are significantly higher.

The bicycle is still considered stolen in the European database unless you personally change its status. You can browse through the Protect6 system using the name of the bicycle, the number of the QR code or number of the bicycle frame. The service book and other documents are still going to be available for you even in the case that the stamp gets torn down.

It is important to keep in mind that the removal of the stamp is not good for the thief. By doing so, they damage the varnish and they have bigger problem re-selling the bicycle.

How can I use the feature to report the breakdowns to the service?

It often happens that when something breaks on your bicycle, it is late in the evening or early in the morning and there is no one at the service. Because of that, you need to wait until they are open to be able to call them. But when they are open, you are at work and in case the service wants a serial number of the bicycle, you are unable to give it to them because you do not remember it. All of these are the reasons why the repairs are usually taking so long.

With our Protect6 app, it goes more smoothly. You can simply send a message to the service via the app. The great advantage is that you do not need to send information about the brand, type of the bicycle and other specifications. People in the service are able to see everything through the app and can immediately order the spare parts.

How can I use the feature to prove the ownership?

This feature is very important, especially because you never know when somebody else will pretend to be an owner of your bicycle and try to claim it.

Protect6 is also a great protection against the executors. You are going to appreciate it, especially if you live with somebody who has financial trouble. When the executor comes, they often take away the property of other members of the household as well. Thanks to this stamp, you can easily prove that the real owner is you and this way your bicycle won’t be taken away.

Why is it convenient to be in touch with the vendor?

The vendor can invite you to the annual service check-ups through our app, something you could otherwise forget. It is as important to regularly check the state of your bicycle as it is when it comes to the other vehicles. The record about the service check-up, which can be found in the app, is important proof for the insurance company.

There is another great benefit when it comes to being connected to the vendor. Sometimes it happens that the vendor goes out of business and then it is really hard to find quality service again. Thanks to our app, the distributor of your bicycle will automatically transfer yours under a different service which specialises in your type of bicycles.

But it is possible to remove or cover up the stamp, isn’t it?

It is possible that the thief succeeds after a long time in removing the stamp. But the damaged spot which the stamp leaves is going to attract unwanted attention from the police and the potential buyers. Furthermore, even in the case of removal or cover-up of the stamp, the information about your bicycle is still active in the app and you can easily proof your ownership.

How can the stamp prevent the theft?

The theft prevention is one of the many features of the Protect6 stamp. The thief will immediately see the stamp which says CHECK OWNER in 3 different languages. The thief knows that the bicycle is protected and in many cases, this will discourage him. That’s why it is very important to place the stamp on a visible spot and choose a colour which will be in contrast with the frame of your bicycle.

Even if despite all of this somebody decided to steal your bicycle, the new buyer is going to see the stamp and check it. The real owner will be automatically notified in an e-mail. If the potential buyer checks the stamp through the Protect6 app, the owner will also get the coordinates of the bicycle.

How is the stamp connected to the bicycle?

There is a unique QR code which is paired with serial number of the bicycle, visual description and information about the owner of the bike.

Is there a way to forge the stamp?

No. Forged QR code cannot be entered into the database. Each stamp is unique and can be paired to the serial number and the owner only once.

Where should I place the stamp?

Always apply the stamp on a visible spot. Really think through where you are going to put it because it is not removable. Even though the stamps are very durable, make sure you choose a spot where it won’t be burdened. We recommend upper frame, right behind the handlebars, or the inner side of the frame under the seat.

Before application, degrease the frame of your bike, for example with a detergent. This way you enhance the adhesiveness of the stamp. The stamp can endure unbelievable things, but if you wish to make it even more durable, buy a special foil which creates a protective film.

How did you ensure that the stamp is not easily removable?

The intelligent stamps are created from a special material. We use high quality glue which can withstand the climate and especially any attempts to remove the stamp.

We are regularly presenting our stamp on a cycling events. Come see all the things our stamp can endure for yourself.

Who is able to check the stamp?

Everyone can check the stamp using their smartphone or tablet. All they need is our app or a regular QR code scanner.

What information are available to people scanning the stamp?

Passers-by get access to the product card by scanning the QR code. There they can see basic information about the bicycle and its status. Personal data of the owner (name, contact) won’t be accessible, but they can send a message to the owner via a form.

The owner of the user account is able to see all the information that was added to the app after logging in. They can access their warranty, manuals and e-service book.

Why is the database Europe-wide?

Such thing is necessary in the connected Europe of today. You bicycle can be stolen during a vacation or the thieves are going to try to sell it abroad. For this reason, there is an appeal on the stamp to be checked in 3 languages. QR codes work the same everywhere in the world, that’s why the bicycle stolen here can be identified abroad too.

Do you collaborate with the police?

Yes, we do. The app is free and every policeman can check the codes of the bicycles on their errands.

Who is using your system?

Our system is used by people who wish to protect their property and benefit from all the features of Protect6. It is mostly fans of sports, who apply the stamps on bicycles, skis, snowboards and other equipment. Owners are often putting them on laptops, phones or helmets as well. Technological companies and schools are also interested in Protect6 and they use it to protect their property.

Why should we use your system?

You can always prove the ownership of your bicycle.

You are protecting your bicycle from theft.

The warranty and the manual are always at hand.

You can keep track of the maintenance of your bicycle in the e-service book.

You are satisfied with your vendor who always invites you to the annual service.

You are able to immediately report a breakdown to the service and order the spare parts.

What are all the benefits I am going to acquire by buying the stamp?

You will get the intelligent Protect6 stamp in the colour of your choosing. Furthermore you get free app and a registration to the European database. You won’t have to pay any more fees.

Along with the stamp you get 6 useful features:

You can always prove the ownership of your bicycle.

You are protecting your bicycle from theft.

The warranty and the manual are always at hand.

You can keep track of the maintenance of your bicycle in the e-service book.

You are satisfied with your vendor who always invites you to the annual service.

You are able to immediately report a breakdown to the service and order the spare parts.

On which products can I use the stamp?

You can use the stamp on absolutely all of the more expensive products that you wish to protect. People are applying the stamps in their bicycles, skis, snowboards, scooters, helmets, laptops, electronics and other equipment.

What do I need, in order to be able to use your system?

You are just going to need a computer with an internet access in order to register. In order to be able to check the codes, you are going to need smartphone or a tablet with our app.

Where and how can I buy the stamp?

You can find your closest vendor in the Map of the partners. If our stamps aren’t available in your favourite shop, let us know and we will contact them. The first person who buys the stamp from a new vendor gets another one for free!

You can also order the stamp in the Protect6 e-shop.

What is the price?

The price for the end users can be found in the pricelist. The registration into the European database and the app are free.

How to register?

Create an account on this web site.

Apply the Protect6 stamp on the chosen product.

Make sure to fill out all the required information (marked with the asterisk).

The system will announce that the product was successfully added. From that moment you are protected by Protect6.

Then download the app and log in with the same details. You can easily access all the features of Protect6 through the app.

How can I become a part of the project?

Buy the Protect6 stamp, place it on your bicycle and begin checking other bicycles with the stamps.

In case you wish to become our partner, or join our team, contact us on info@protect6.cz.

What operational system do I need on my phone?

The app is for Android and iOS.

What are the QR codes?

QR code is a code of the so-called “quick reaction”. It looks like a square with various points. Thanks to this structure it is possible to encode a great amount of data in it. The scanner is able to read the points and decode the information. Even if there is 1/3 of the code damaged, it is still legible.

How can I acquire QR scanner for my phone?

Along with the free Protect6 app you will also get a QR code scanner.

Do I need to have mobile Internet?

No, being connected to Wi-Fi is enough. Nonetheless, if you are connected to the mobile internet, you are able to use our app even if there is not Wi-Fi signal nearby. The app is optimised and does not require much data.

Do I need your mobile app?

Yes, this is the only way for you to fully enjoy all the benefits of Protect6. All you need to have for quick control of other codes is any scanner.

What can the app do?

The Protect6 app is multifunctional:

It proves your ownership of your bicycle.

It sends you an e-mail with the coordinates of your stolen bicycle after being scanned.

You have your warranty saved there, along with other documents.

Service is able to use it to invite you to the regular check-ups.

It features the e-service book.

It allows you to contact your service quickly.

Read more information about the advantages of electronic manuals and electronic warranty.

How does the e-service book work?

The data is input into the e-service book by our partner vendors and services. All the operations are paired to your bicycle and do not change after that. Service also adds photo documentation to ensure you that they truly repaired the bicycle.

The service book proves to be a great advantage when it comes to selling the bicycle. You can present the potential buyer with a proof which shows that you took a good care of the bike. This way you can ask for more money.

You can read more about this Protect6 feature in this article on the blog.

Can I register even if I don’t have the stamp?

Yes. You can set up the user account in advance, while you are waiting for the stamp to arrive.

What if I do not have a smartphone?

Nevermind, you can use Protect6 anyway. Register from your computer or tablet.

Why are the stamps colourful?

The stamp is supposed to be visible. You can even pick the stamp in a colour which will go nicely with the design of your bicycle.

Protect6 label

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